Friday, October 9, 2009

Celtic Festival

In late August, we attended the Celtic Festival. It was held out to the American West Heritage Center in Wellsville. It was so much fun!! We are looking forward to doing it again next year.

Kilts and costumes were everywhere! This little boy looked so darling and authentic. I had to ask him for his picture.

One of the booths had a mad displayed surrounded by the clan crests. Here we are, it's official.

One of the first things we saw was this terrific looking "Man of Steel"! (Josie and Jackson)

Who is more buff? You be the judge. No one can compare to my son!

The color guard displayed the flags of the United States, Scottland, Ireland and Whales. When the anthem was sung, they lowered all the flags but ours. It was very touching.

There is nothing that can discribe the sight and sound of a bag pipe band unless you have seen and heard it. The music is hauntingly beautiful.

The parade of clans was really neat, as each was welcomed to the festivities.

Jackson's favorite was the real sword fights.

The best part about this for me was seeing the authentic dress.

One of these two may or may not have survived the fight. I'll leave it a mystery! The swords and sheild were real.

Like I said, kilts were everywhere. This boy is from the Payson High Pipers.
The dancing was amazing. We love both the dance and the music.

This woman does the traditional "sword dance".

The Irish dancing was so cool! Later a friend of mine told me that it was started when dancing was banned. They would move only their legs so that anyone looking through the window, spying could not accuse them of dancing.

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  1. Thanks for sharing some really cool pictures with us. I loved the "River Dance" group most of all. And of course, the fact that you found the Douglass clan. I guess we need to start calling you Lord and Lady Douglass, huh? (BIS)
    Now, the Celtics are okay, but don't forget your Viking inheritance. Tee! Hee!