Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sew, Sew, Sew your boat... (skirt)

We gave Amy fabric for a skirt for Christmas.
She had to make it quick before we took her back home.

Cutting out was no problem.
Hand stitching was her least favorite part!

My favorite part is the sweat pants hangin' out below.
Thanks Amy for spending your holiday with us. We love you!!

A Baby sized project

Making Deb's Baby Quilt

Mom, Josie, Ruby and Amy tying a baby quilt for Dan and Deb's little one.

Jean Warner (my mom) and Amy let us sneak a peek at the finished product.

Done! Front and back. Josie, Ruby, and Amy.

Dad's Christmas Party-part 2

Dad's Christmas Party - Part Two

Josie and Amy, cousins and friends.

I am sure there was a shepherd as spunky and fun as Andrew somewhere that first Holy Night!

What a darling family to visit the stable! Andrew, Traci, and Nadia surely came dressed the part!

This was such a sweet moment when Andrew hugged his Grammy!

Ann and Ron, my sister and brother in law
Thanks for always supporting the family functions!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dad's Christmas Party

Warner Christmas Party 2009

Dad and Mom invited us to their home to reinact the Christmas Story,
just as we did when we were young.
One of the cutest things of the night came when Dad was calling for people to play parts. Cassidy was on the side of the room, quietly saying, "I'll be Mary, I'll be Mary". She was such a sweet Mary. (with Andrew and Betty)

Here we are in our costumes. Good thing nothing fancy was required. Just a willing heart and a scarf. Shane, Ruby, Tony, Jackson and Josie.

Miss Nadia came as the lamb. Bless Traci for dressing her up. She was darling!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time is Here Again!

Christmas 2009
Josie and I attended the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert in Salt Lake City.

Every where you turned there was another gorgeous Christmas Tree.

Some of the funnest things to see were the nativities from different countries.

Of course the lights on Temple Square were beautiful, just like my daughter!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Celtic Dog

Durango is just being a little camera shy, but here he is... dressed to the hilt in his kilt!

You can't have just one shot of the cute dog! He looks so manly in his Douglass Tartan.

Celtic Festival

In late August, we attended the Celtic Festival. It was held out to the American West Heritage Center in Wellsville. It was so much fun!! We are looking forward to doing it again next year.

Kilts and costumes were everywhere! This little boy looked so darling and authentic. I had to ask him for his picture.

One of the booths had a mad displayed surrounded by the clan crests. Here we are, it's official.

One of the first things we saw was this terrific looking "Man of Steel"! (Josie and Jackson)

Who is more buff? You be the judge. No one can compare to my son!

The color guard displayed the flags of the United States, Scottland, Ireland and Whales. When the anthem was sung, they lowered all the flags but ours. It was very touching.

There is nothing that can discribe the sight and sound of a bag pipe band unless you have seen and heard it. The music is hauntingly beautiful.

The parade of clans was really neat, as each was welcomed to the festivities.

Jackson's favorite was the real sword fights.

The best part about this for me was seeing the authentic dress.

One of these two may or may not have survived the fight. I'll leave it a mystery! The swords and sheild were real.

Like I said, kilts were everywhere. This boy is from the Payson High Pipers.
The dancing was amazing. We love both the dance and the music.

This woman does the traditional "sword dance".

The Irish dancing was so cool! Later a friend of mine told me that it was started when dancing was banned. They would move only their legs so that anyone looking through the window, spying could not accuse them of dancing.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dan's Wedding

My nephew, Dan got married last summer. It was a great opportunity for Ruby's side of the family to see each other. It was the first time in 16 years (I think) that we were all together. I have tried to pick some fun photos of the family, but it was impossible to even include my favorites there were so many to choose from.

Dave's three daughters, my nieces... Melissa, Amy and Valerie. One of my favorite things of this whole event was watching the siblings interact with one another. I could tell there was a lot of love there.

Josie with her "missionaries". Stephen, left, has just entered the MTC this week, and Dan on the right, just got home. (Prior to his wedding....)

Jackson and his cousin, Timothy. These two had a lot of fun hanging out for the week. It was quite a novelty for my kids to actually have cousins around that were their age. (in Jackson's case... also a boy)

Shane had fun hanging with cousins and grown ups alike. He and Aunt Paula posed for a fun shot.

We all got a little silly in the fun of being together again. My sisters, Ann and Paula laugh together and have a good time. I knew Ann's husband wouldn't mind not being in the photo. He hates his picture taken. There wasn't a good shot of Ron and Ann together.

My sister Betty must have been camera shy at the wedding. She wasn't in too many pictures other than groups. I thought this was a cute shot of her.
L to R: Ruby, Paula, Dave, and Betty.

Of course I had to include a picture of my sweetheart! Tony is a great husband. P.S. That is Ron on the right, ducking out of the picture.

My sister Paula and her husband, Corwin. They are alway so great to support family events. They traveled from AZ to be with us. This was really appreciated.

Parents of the groom. My sister-in-law, Terri and my brother Dave. A strange twist of fate brought them from Maryland to Utah for the wedding of their son. It was such a great thing for us to have their family around for a week and get to know them. Thanks for getting married in Utah Dan!

My cute brother Gary and his sweet wife Rhonda at the reception. It was great to see the two of them tease and interact with one another. They live in Arizona too, so we don't see them nearly enough.

Last but not least a photo of the bride and groom. We are excited to have Deb in our family. I can tell by being around her that she is really a special addition. We wish Dan and Deb the best of luck in their future.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I got to visit my good friend, Megan today and her adorable baby, Brexton. She helped me set up my blog. Good thing too. I don't have a clue! Maybe I'll visit her every time I update!