Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dad's Christmas Party

Warner Christmas Party 2009

Dad and Mom invited us to their home to reinact the Christmas Story,
just as we did when we were young.
One of the cutest things of the night came when Dad was calling for people to play parts. Cassidy was on the side of the room, quietly saying, "I'll be Mary, I'll be Mary". She was such a sweet Mary. (with Andrew and Betty)

Here we are in our costumes. Good thing nothing fancy was required. Just a willing heart and a scarf. Shane, Ruby, Tony, Jackson and Josie.

Miss Nadia came as the lamb. Bless Traci for dressing her up. She was darling!

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  1. I am sad that I missed this great event. where was my family? Saw my neice and nephew in the pics but the rest ???? You all looked so historical and love the pic of g-ma and g-pa . you looked great also