Friday, January 29, 2010

Megan and Brexton

One Saturday in January I got off work early. I went to see Megan.
She was the teacher I worked with last year.
That is, until she had her cute little boy Brexton.

Now she gets to play with Brexton all day. (Instead of me)
I am so glad they get to be together even though I miss Megan terribly.

"Who da crap is that behind the camera?"

Gotta love those bottom two teeth!

Ruby and her new boyfriend.
Let me tell you, that spike on top of the head... it can really tickle a girl's nose!
(the little flirt!)

Brexton obviously loves to play with Daddy.
Bart is equally as wonderful as Megan.


  1. Thanks for the whole post! I feel like a celebrity! I love the comment with the picture of what do crap is behind that camera! So funny! I also had to copy the picture of you and Brexton I thought that one was so sweet!

  2. I am amazed at the picture of Dad tossing baby and you were able to capture it on file that is pecious. It is nice to spend time with your friends.