Monday, April 12, 2010

Before and After

Over Spring Break, we repainted Jackson's Bedroom.
When he was young, Jackson LOVED dinosaurs. One Christmas I made him this Dinosaur bedspread in bright, fun colors. (dog was not included at the time...)

To match we painted his walls in crayon colors and splattered the lower half. Now that he is sixteen, it seemed a little juvenile. We planned last summer to paint over the splatters, but never got around to it.

Jackson ROCKS!!
He was really excited to repaint. He cleaned and cleaned in his room. He move the furniture to the center of the room by himself, before we were ready.

It's true, he is my stud muffin! Jackson wanted Sky View colors... Blue and Yellow.
I stopped at the paint store one day and got some paint options to choose from that matched his new bedspread. We spent an afternoon narrowing it down.

The final choice was this beautiful yellow color. I painted the edges and the trim. Jackson did all the rolling. (That included 3 coats of primer to cover the splatters.) He really worked hard to get the new look.

The most fun is always pulling the tape off when the painting is done.

MEGA TAPE BALL!!! (eyebrows included at no charge...)

The finished project, view #1.
Hanging out with Durango after the work.
View #2.

We worked hard for 3 days. 2 for paint and one to put the room back together.
Afterwards... sheer exhaustion!!
... and complete satisfaction!


  1. Oh my goodness I love it too! It looks wonderful and I love the bed spread!

  2. Great job!!! I love it, and I loved the squares and splatter- very creative. I love the pics of Jackson... he looks so happy!!

  3. I love that he got to contribute, does he want to paint your whole house now? It looks great. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint.

  4. Looks great good job Jackson and Mom what a great moment to share together and all that fun. Reminds me of good times when I was 16 and hanging out with you . :) we painted then too

  5. Finally, I managed to post a comment and I think, also I signed up as a follower. :-)
    Thanks again for sharing the great pictures of Jackson's new and beautiful bedroom.