Sunday, March 27, 2011

Call it a Do-Over!

MAUVE! What was so neat about mauve? Honestly, I was so sick of those pink drapes! How many photos have we taken in front of them? The rag rolling with the border certainly speaks volumes for when I last decorated my living room. (at least the country blue furniture is gone!)

We have lived in our home 17 years and never had different drapes. It's time!

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the paint is a soft golden color. I purchased extra drapery panels, cut and sewed the valance myself. I wanted the brown to serve as a frame, narrowing up the space.

I love the detail in the drapes. It is so important to me to like my drapes because the sunlight gives me headaches. I have to keep them closed all the time.

We had way too many favorite pictures in the living room. I had to narrow it down, but I like the results.

I love this picture of Christ. It is a reminder to me to take time to ponder amid the hustle and bustle of a busy life.

I got lucky here. I wanted a temple picture in the living room, but our old stand by was too big and outdated. Josie happened to go on a road trip with friends. She had taken all these photos of different temples. I made them up in sepia, framed them to match and lined them up. I love the look.

Years ago, I decided that the three things I always wanted represented in my living room was the three things that are most important to me. My family, my Savior, and the temple. In this photo you can see the family portrait, along with our three children. To the side is a crochet of our last name, framed over the top of our Douglass tartan.

Elephants on parade! Looking back, I am amazed at how long I plan my decor before I actually do it! I am currently all about elephants! I would have done antique globes with it, but had a relatively small space to work with.

There is just one more thing in my living room that I love. I don't have a photo of it here. It is a plaque that says:
"HEAVEN, don't miss it for the world"
The more I think about it, the more I like it.
Redecorating the living room has given me a pleasure that was a long time coming. It is peaceful and serene in there. I love the warm colors and the simple accents. Also not pictured is Tony's favorite thing, a BIG flat screen TV. I haven't taken a photo of it since we purchased a nice cabinet to go under it, but it's pretty too. He likes the room too.

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