Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seaside, Oregon

Imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to come to Oregon and play favorite aunt/nanny to my wonderful niece's family. This was how my summer began, and was by far the highlight! (for more than one reason...)

Kiersten was the reason for all the fun. She was able to participate in the Miss Oregon pageant. Cute little princess.

LaDawn and I proving that we were really there!

Kiersten at the beach. Always the perfect pose.

William and Ian pretending to look out through the telescopes.
They posed a lot for me. Patient boys.

Seaside should probably be nick named "Dog Town". I have never seen so many pets being walked around town. It was nice, as I was away from my own little dog.

Ian and Will relaxing before the parade.
I had so much fun playing with these guys and getting to know them.

Of course spoiling Kiki was absolutely necessary. We did facials and fingernails.
Just what a princess needs.

The best part of The Carousel Mall wasn't necessarily the carousel.


Ian (aka: Harry Potter)



I had never been to see the ocean before. The whole trip was amazing and calming.

I took more than my share of pictures of the sunset.

I couldn't believe how quickly the scenery changed.
We were only on the beach 20 minutes.

I love this photo. I happened to look the other direction as I went up the boardwalk. I couldn't help snapping one of this cute cottage with the sunset in the windows.

My last day in Oregon was a Sunday. We had to drive back to Portland in order to be there to catch the plane. I wanted to go past the temple and feel the spirit there.

It was such a sweet reminder that the Lord is there for us. Even far from home I could feel of His love and the importance eternal families. All of this is manifested in the multiple temples throughout the world. He loves His children.

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